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Our Vision: Creating an environment where children, families, educators and communities achieve full potential and commit to lifelong learning. 

Our Mission is to educate and empower children, families, communities and organizations by delivering unique educational and supportive services.

Our Core Values

Service: We serve children, families, organizations and communities with mutual respect.
Diversity: We respect, embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of every child and family and appreciate that differences can come in experience, culture, abilities and languages. 
Innovation: We constantly strive to redefine the standards of excellence in everything we do.
Integrity: We do the right thing and we do what we say.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Welcome to CHTOP!

We are excited to invite you to join our strategic efforts and get your input in the process of changing our name and rebranding our image. An updated agency name can renew a brand, help better market our program services, and reduce confusion of offered services. The following is a list of suggested agency names we believe can better represent our agency’s mission, strengths, and future: Children & Communities Rising, Inc, Resilient Families, Inc., Elevate Family Services, Inc., NewBridge Family Services, Inc.

Please visit the following link to complete a short survey and help us find the best name: SURVEY

Dental School visit 2015 2

Head Start and Early Head Start provide
dental screening and follow-up treatment for all enrolled children as part of the program's whole-child approach to learning and child development.