Screening instruments provide teachers with a quick, standardized method of determining if individual children require further evaluation to address unmet needs that may interfere with their ability to learn. The LAP System includes the LAP-D Screens, normed-referenced, developmentally appropriate screens for 3-, 4-, and 5-year old children. The LAP-D Screens are available in English and Spanish. Computer software is also available.


In order to plan ongoing, developmentally appropriate learning activities for children, early childhood educators should first assess individual skill development in each of the primary developmental domains: language, cognition, social-emotional, and fine and gross motor. Through the assessment process, a profile of acquired and emerging skills can be established as well as significant gaps, which may indicate a need for an in-depth evaluation by specialized professionals. LAP assessment instruments can be used for beginning, mid-, and end-of-year observations of a child’s progress as well as for ongoing assessment. The LAP System includes three assessment instruments:

ECO Center Crosswalks

In working with states on outcome development and measurement approaches, the ECO Center cross-referenced the functional skills assessed by various published instruments with child outcomes required by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for Part B (Section 619) and Part C programs. The purpose was to assess the degree to which these instruments measure the required outcomes. Priority was given to instruments that states identified for outcomes measurement in the State Performance Plans submitted to OSEP.


LAP software is available to assist early childhood professionals in gathering and analyzing data for both individuals and groups of children. The LAP software generates:

  • Individual assessment results and summaries
  • Classroom profiles
  • Parent reports
  • Group progress charts
  • Links to developmentally appropriate activities
  • Individual, classroom, and center analysis of assessment results in relation to the Head Start Child Outcome

Computer scoring assistant software is available for all three assessment instruments (Early LAP, LAP-3, LAP-D) either in a web-based or CD-Rom format. An electronic scoring protocol is also available using a Palm Pilot application. For additional information on LAP software development, go to

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