The LAP-D Screens
Child assessment
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There are three standardized LAP-D screening instruments.

  • The 3-Year-Old Screen
  • The 4-Year-Old Screen
  • The 5-Year-Old Screen Child assessment

Each takes about 12-15 minutes to administer and provides a quick and reliable method for determining if a child needs further evaluation to determine if a disability or other unmet need exists.

CAUTION: Screening instruments may be used ONLY to determine if a child should be referred for professional assessment and evaluation. Screening results may not be used to determine a child’s level of development or if the child qualifies for special education services.Child assessment
Each screen includes a hierarchy of developmental skills arranged in chronological sequence in four developmental domains, including the following:
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Language

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Child assessment

Screening Manuals
There is one Screening Manual for each age group. Each LAP-D Screening Manual includes procedural instructions for administering individual items, a materials list, and the scoring criteria for each of the 16 items.
Child assessment
Scoring Protocols
The LAP-D Scoring Protocols contain an abbreviated form of each item name in the same sequential order as the manuals for each age level (3-, 4-, and 5-year olds). The protocols include spaces for recording child demographic information, screening results, a comment column, and cut-off scores. The scoring protocols are printed on NCR paper so that results can be shared with authorized persons easily.>>Back to Top.
Child assessment
Screening Kits
Each of the LAP-D Screening kits includes:
  • a screening manual for each age level
  • materials for each age level
  • scoring booklets for each age level
  • a technical and examiner’s manual
Child assessment
Available in Spanish
The LAP-D Screens are available in Spanish, including the manual, scoring protocols and instructional materials.
Child assessment
Software has been developed to assist teachers in using the LAP-D Screens in developing:
  • Individual screening results
  • Classroom profiles
  • Parent reports
  • Group and individual progress charts
Computer scoring assistant software is available in either in a web-based or CD-Rom format. An electronic scoring protocol is also available using a Palm Pilot application which facilitates using the LAP-D Screens with groups of children. For additional information on all LAP software go to
Child assessment
Validity and Reliability
The technical manual which is available from our publishing partners provides information on the validity and reliability of the LAP-D screens.

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To purchase LAP products and training, please contact our publishing partners:

Three LAP-D Screen Kits are availble for children age 3, 4 and 5.

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