Training Workshops

Training on the use of various LAP products is provided by our publishing partners:

Kaplan provides training on the LAP assessment and screening products. Call them at (800) 334-2014 and ask for LAP training.

Red-E-Set Grow provides training on the assessment products as well as the software that accompanies them. Call them at (888) 386-3822 and ask for training on LAP software.

Additional training is provided through CHTOP, Inc. Please contact Mike Mathers for more information.

Online Training

In partnership with CE Quick of Essential Learning Co., FRIENDS offers these courses:

  • The Logic Model
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Data Management

Click here to access these courses.

Check the FRIENDS website for more information.

CHTOP, Inc. is developing online training for its LAP products and other topics. In the future we hope to make this an important portal for early childhood teachers and specialists to receive up-to-date training and information in a variety of areas.

To purchase LAP products and training, please contact our publishing partners, Kaplan and Red-E-Set Grow: