PANDA Manual

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The 320-page Panda manual may be purchased separately.

PANDA is a substance abuse prevention program developed for use in early childhood settings. It includes a wide variety of developmentally-appropriate activities for children aged four and older. Designed to teach young children about the importance of building healthy bodies and saying "no" to substances that can hurt them, the curriculum helps children develop positive feelings about themselves, and gives them practice in making appropriate decisions in the face of peer pressure. Click here for more information.

The manual includes information on:

  • Guidelines for child care program administrators
  • Parent Involvement
  • Community Support
  • Conducting a community needs assessment
  • Monthly planning guide
  • Curriculum activities for building healthy bodies, and saying No to drugs, Alcohol and tobacco.

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Sample Illustrations:

Bobo is tempted to try a cigarette.

How does it make him feel?.

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