Products related to the Early-LAP include:

  • E-LAP Manual
  • E-LAP Technical Report
  • E-LAP Scoring Booklets (pack of 20)
  • E-LAP Spanish Edition (Call Kaplan 1-800-334-2014)
  • E-LAP Kit (Call Kaplan 1-800-334-2014)
  • E-LAP Software (Call RSG 1-888-386-3822)
$19.95 each
in stock

E-LAP Manual

124 pages, spiral bound, assessment for children age 0-36 mo.
$22.95 each
in stock

E-LAP Scoring Booklets

Pack of 20 scoring booklets.
$9.95 each
in stock

E-LAP Technical Report

This 35-page manual includes a description of its most recent reliability and validity study and other information about the E-LAP.

E-LAP Software

Call RSG (1-888-386-3822) for prices and other information.


Call Kaplan (1-800-334-2014) for price and information.

E-LAP Spanish Edition

Call Kaplan (1-800-334-2014) for price and information.
$45.95 each
in stock

E-LAP Demonstration Video

53-minute video. Available in DVD format.
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