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Planning Guide to the Preschool Curriculum

542-page guide with more than 5,000 activities in 36 thematic units.
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Infant-Toddler Planning Guide

This 542-page guide provides hundreds of activities to stimulate infant and toddler development through routine and planned activities.
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Planning for Success

Planning for Success, is a 196-page teacher’s guide for developing an individualized Pre-K curriculum.
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Inclusive Preschool Environments

This 79-page guide helps teachers and administrators set up and mange classrooms that serve the needs of children with disabilities as well as their typically developing peers.
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Creative Experiences

This 251-page guide provides activities in the visual arts, music, dance, and drama.
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This drug awareness program for four-year-old children includes 4 audio cassettes and a 320-page manual.
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PANDA Manual

The 320-page Panda manual may be purchased separately.
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Smooth Moves to Kindergarten

This 307-page guide will help teachers, parents and caregivers assure a smooth transition when their children move on to kindergarten from home or the pre-k child care setting.
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Home Stretch

Correlated to the Pre-K Planning Guide, this curriculum guide provides activities for parents and children at home.
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