Products Include:

  • Start-up Manuals
  • Outcome Evaluation Guide
  • Respite Video
  • Training Guides


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Respite Programs for Adults and Aging

This is a start-up manual to help establish a respite program in your community that serves adults and the aging.
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Bringing Respite to Your Community

This start-up manual gives step-by-step instructions for setting up a community-based respite care program.
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Public Awareness Guidebook

24-page guide to help respite programs promote their services.
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Family-Centered Practices

84-page training guide to help train staff in family centered practices.
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Securing a Stable Funding Base

54-page training guide to help train staff in fundraising.
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Risk Management

60-page training guide to help staff manage risk.
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Successful Training

40-page guide to help respite programs set up an effective training program for staff.
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Video: Respite, A World of Relief

This 15-minute video is available in DVD or VHS.
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Small Poster

This small, 81/2 by 11-inch, poster contains a powerful message:\"Asking for help is a sign of strength.\"
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Evaluating and Reporting Outcomes

150-page guide with CD provides a guide to managers of respite and crisis programs on evaluating and reporting program effectiveness.
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Outcome Accountability

The two-volume set (220 pages)guides family support programs in designing, gathering and evaluating outcome data.
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